sábado, 7 de diciembre de 2013

ga-z77 up4 th + myhack

got GTX650 Ti and I7 3770

this is how i did my hack:

  • get mountain lion 10.8.4 iso
  • get myhack
  • make clean myhack installation usb with another mac
  • boot with usb and use -v GraphicsEnabler=No bootflags
  • just wait
  • install
  • boot from usb and use -v -x; install hardware via multibeast, and chimera (set PCIRootUID=1, npci=0x2000 and mac pro system definition), turn off and add Geforce PCIE
  • boot from hdd and use -f bootflag, install combo update 10.8.5 and multibeast again
  • reboot and test. if something fails use GraphicsEnabler=Yes and/or -f. use -x to fix things and remember to fix permissions when add/delete kext
good luck!

ps=I used Anonymus thep*****bay image

ps2= use toleda audio ALC892 to finish the hack

ps3=cuda drivers available

ps4=I did this twice in a row; second time with ATAPI DVD, VGA and a second HDD plugged in. it worked just the same.

ps5=for usb3 ok go to S/L/E/, IOUSBFamily.kext package, delete AppleUSBXHCI and install GenericUSBXHCI instead with your favourite kext installer. USB Bus Fix is enabled in .plist: "<key>USBBusFix</key>

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